TRAXDATA BD-R25G 4X CAKE10 Inkjet White

The Traxdata Blu-ray range consists of Blu-ray Rewritable (BD-RE) and Blu-ray Recordable (BD-R) 2x and 4x media, all of which have passed official Blu-ray certification and are also available as white inkjet printable media. With Traxdata’s white inkjet printable media, users can personalise their Blu-ray disc by creating and printing their own design onto it. Blu-ray media offers the largest optical storage capacity, enables pristine picture resolution and crystal clear audio quality. Blu-ray media has a vast storage capacity of 25GB of data due to the thinner blue laser technology for high definition recording, five times that of a standard DVD. This means it is ideal for storing large amounts of data and software as well as presenting the consumer with a greatly enhanced digital entertainment experience. The HardCoat protection layer of BD-R and BD-RE discs are standard specification and can prevent data loss due to inadequate temperature, humidity, fingerprints and scratches.

BD-R 120Min.
10 PCS Packed in Cake Box.

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Inkjet Printable

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Cake box